Jun 23

Sanford Lake Special Needs Camp

To all Sanford Lake Residents,

From our neighbors at the Community of Christ campground.

“My family and I run a Special Needs Camp every summer at the Community of Christ campground located on the lower west side of the lake. The camp provides a wonderful summer camp experience for those with special needs. Several of your members over the years have volunteered their time and their boats to provide boat rides for the campers during the camp weekend. The campers absolutely love it.

We are in the midst of a fundraising campaign for this year’s camp and we’d like your help in sharing our story with those on the lake and in the community. Any contribution would be a huge help.

All of the information can be found on our website:

Thanks so much!

David Wesch”

Jun 15

Sanford Lake Treatment Update

Sanford Lake Treatment Update

By: BreAnne Grabill, Northern Regional Manager PLM Lake & Land Management Corp.

Hello Sanford Lake Association Members! In 2015, PLM Lake & Land Management Corp. (PLM) will be working with both the Sanford Lake Improvement Board (Jerome Township/Southern portion of lake) and Edenville Township (Northern portion of the lake) in controlling exotic, invasive plants in Sanford Lake. PLM has been the contracted applicator on the southern portion for some time now; but we are happy to be expanding our services into the northern portion of the lake; hoping to bring uniformity to the individual treatment programs.

On May 28, 2015 PLM treated approximately 238 acres of exotic species on Sanford Lake; including Eurasian watermilfoil (EWM) and Curlyleaf pondweed (CLP). EWM is a highly invasive plant species that has taken over much of Sanford Lake. It grows quickly, outcompeting most native plants and forms a mat at the surface of the water. CLP, similar to EWM, forms a mat at the surface of the water and both of these species can drastically impact a lakes native plant community and fishery as well as creating hazardous boating conditions. It is important to attack the root system of the plants whenever possible, giving the ability to help prevent further growth.   Systemic herbicides (Renovate and Sculpin G) were used to combat the EWM on the 28th. These granular products give a greater capability of providing the desired control, especially in a flowing system.   In addition to these products; Clipper, Diquat, and Aquathal K were also used in close to shore areas to combat EWM/CLP. This initial treatment focus was on exotic plants. In addition, Starry stonewort (SSW) has been found on Sanford Lake. SSW will be a primary focus of treatments when it is detected. SSW, a highly invasive bottom growing plant, forms a mat at the bottom of the lake and will grow to the surface.

As the season progresses, the treatment programs will also focus on nuisance native plant control. Numerous native plants have caused recreational boating and navigational issues on Sanford Lake. These plants include but are not limited to Wild Celery (Eel Grass), Coontail, Elodea and numerous pondweeds. Although the first and primary focus is exotic species control, nuisance native plants as well as algae control, will be part of the program whenever possible. Creating a balanced plant community in Sanford Lake is the ultimate goal; with a thriving fishery and a recreational usable lake. Surveys and potential treatments of the lake are scheduled for this summer in May, June, July and August. In addition, every lake resident is encouraged to practice healthy lakefront living. Raking your own beach, removing debris (floating weeds, leaves, branches), using Phosphorus free fertilizer are just some of the things each of you can do to help protect Sanford Lake. Lets work together to protect Sanford Lake for years to come.

May 22

Sheriff’s office seeks tips in damage at Sanford Dam

As lake residents we know how important the Dam is to our community.
If you have not seen these articlea from the Midland Daily News please read them.

From the Midland Daily News:
Sheriff’s office seeks tips in damage at Sanford Dam

Authorities seek to identify 3 responsible for dam vandalism