Nov 16

Midland Daily News Editorial – Our view: Addressing an erosion problem

The following link will take you to the Midland Daily News Editorial article about the Sanford Lake Association’s sponsorship of work recently done to address the erosion issues on Sanford Lake.
This was published Nov. 16, 2016 and follows the press release in our previous post.

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Nov 13

Press Release – Sanford Lake Association Launches Erosion Remediation Pilot Project

Download the Press Release for the Sanford Lake Association Erosion Remediation Pilot Project.
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Nov 11

SLA – Pilot Remediation Project Work

Fantastic News—Pilot Remediation Project Work Largely Completed Last Week

In our Winter 2015 newsletter we advised the SLA membership that due to an unexpected delay in obtaining the necessary permit from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (“MDEQ”), we believed that the pilot erosion remediation project on the Lewis family farm property would be delayed until the Spring of 2016. In the interim, however, the MDEQ granted our permit and the unseasonably warm weather last week allowed Jim Hergott and his team from the Saginaw Bay Resource, Conservation & Development Area Inc. to not only begin work, but to come close to completing the pilot project altogether. The pilot project, funded entirely by the SLA, addressed approximately 250 feet of the eroding low bank area of the Tittabawassee River section of the lake just upstream of the “islands” are of the lake on the Lewis family farm property. The pilot project consisted of the installation of numerous coir logs (coconut fiber rolls) and tree revetment using lashed conifers (cut tress approximately 20 feet long lashed together and secured along the river bank) which will help to capture sediment and eliminate erosion of the bank resulting from the natural flow of the river and boat wakes. The attached photos will help give you a sense of some of the work that was done. Some non-native vegetation will be removed from the area and replaced with native varieties of plants this coming spring which will further help to hold the soil in place and reduce future sloughing of the embankment as well as improve the aesthetics of the bank area. The SLA would like to thank the Lewis family for their support of the pilot project on their property and for their in kind donation of the trees that were used for the project. The SLA would also like to thank Jim Hergott and his team as well as SLA member and volunteer, Loren Lower, for all of their efforts that culminated in the success of the pilot remediation project.

The pilot project is only the start as there is still approximately 1100 feet of high bank erosion areas still in need of remediation on the Lewis and Marsh family farm properties in the Tittabawassee River sections of Sanford Lake. In the coming years the SLA plans to leverage this successful pilot project to obtain future grant funding to complete the rest of the bank remediation work needed. We encourage our members to head up the lake whenever you can (now or in the Spring) and check out the pilot project area to see the great work that has been done to date. We clearly have much more work to do so please keep an eye out for further information on ways that you can help your SLA in reaching our goal to remediate the remaining 1100 feet of eroding high bank on the lake.
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