Dec 31

A message from the SLA

To Sanford Lake,

I trust you have all enjoyed time with your family and friends during the end of year holidays and festivities. We all should have enjoyed the warmer than normal weather. Know the winter has found us again we can enjoy more of the frozen water activities.

We on the Sanford Lake Board would like wish everyone a great start to 2016 and like most e mails you will get today it is the last tax day of 2015………. So if you still need to join and push our membership to an all-time record. We are offering a one day only free Sanford Lake tee shirt with your membership if you commit today December 31, 2015. Remember your membership is tax deductible since we are a registered 501c3 organization.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Steve Tuttle
President of the SLA

Nov 16

Midland Daily News Editorial – Our view: Addressing an erosion problem

The following link will take you to the Midland Daily News Editorial article about the Sanford Lake Association’s sponsorship of work recently done to address the erosion issues on Sanford Lake.
This was published Nov. 16, 2016 and follows the press release in our previous post.

To view, click here.

Nov 13

Press Release – Sanford Lake Association Launches Erosion Remediation Pilot Project

Download the Press Release for the Sanford Lake Association Erosion Remediation Pilot Project.
Download here