May 19

DNR – Creel Survey on Sanford Lake

The SLA was recently advised that the Fisheries Division of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (“MDNR”) is planning to conduct a Creel Survey on Sanford Lake.  The MDNR has hired a Creel Survey Clerk, Ms. Jessica Haller, to perform angler interviews to collect information on effort, target species and other biological data.  This information will complement the MDNR’s broader statewide Status and Trends Fisheries survey scheduled to kick off in mid-June.  Jessica will be working out of a boat as well as by vehicle at various fishing access points and boat launches around the lake.

The MDNR plans to begin the Creel Survey on Sanford Lake shortly and will continue their efforts through the end of August.  Creel Surveys, such as this one, help the MDNR to access the strength of the fishery as well as to inform fish stocking and other resource management decisions.

The SLA encourages you to welcome Jessica to the lake if you see her and to cooperate with her as she and the MDNR work to aid the Sanford Lake fishery.

Scott Scarpelli & Bill Gebo

Co-chairs of the SLA Water Quality Committee

Apr 21

Update on Sanford Dam

The following was published in our Spring 2015 Newsletter

As Sanford Lake homeowners we all have a vested interest in the health of the Sanford Dam. You may have seen a lot of activity at the Dam over the past year and asked yourself—what are they up to over there? The SLA Board asked Boyce Hydro for an update. The construction you’ve seen taking place is for scheduled maintenance and equipment upgrades.

These include: replacing one of the three original turbines and rewinding its original generator, as well as replacing the entire electrical switchgear apparatus with state-of-the-art electrical components. In fact, the work they are doing will make the dam more efficient and safer. Boyce Hydro is using a combination of local companies to complete the work with anticipated completion by October 15th.

The entire letter from Boyce Hydro outlining the projects can be found here.
View the pictures supplied to us from Boyce Hydro here.

Mar 13

Ice Shanties – 2015

Per the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, overnight ice shanties must be removed by midnight on March 15.
See our webpage for details: