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The Sanford Lake Association was originally formed in May of 1998 and has operated with a “Constitution and By-laws” set of documents. The By-laws have been revised 4 times with the last on October 21, 2002.
The current Board of Directors of the SLA had determined that the current Constitution and By-laws were outdated and not effectively being used by the board. Starting last fall, a sub-team of SLA Board, worked on revisions to make the Constitution and By-laws more in line with what the SLA is about. In addition the Constitution and By-laws were streamlined to fit in more with how the board has been operating the last several years and strategically revised to include more activities such as working with Boyce Hydro.

The Revised Constitution and By-laws were approved by the membership at the Aug. 16th, 2011 annual meeting and picnic.

Current Constitution and By-laws (revised June 28, 2011)