Boyce Hydro & Sanford Lake Preservation Association Press Announcement

It is official!! Today at 10:30am at the Sanford Dam, Boyce Hydro and the Sanford Lake Preservation Association held a joint press conference.

Press Release for Monday, 28 February, 2011

Sanford Lake Homeowner Group and Boyce Hydro, LLC announce agreement to repair Sanford Lake Dam Embankment

Sanford Lake water levels to be restored for the 2011 Boating Season

In order to ensure that Sanford Lake will be brought up to normal water levels prior to the 2011 boating season, a group of concerned Sanford Lake homeowners has agreed to provide the funding necessary to implement construction of the Phase Two Sanford Dam embankment repairs mandated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”). The repairs are required to be completed before Boyce Hydro is permitted by FERC to return Sanford Lake to its normal operating level as prescribed in the federal license for the hydroelectric project. The timing and completion of the construction work is intended to coincide with the normal conclusion of the winter draw down and seasonal increase in the Sanford Lake’s water level that typically occurs during the month of April.

After multiple discussions with local elected officials, Midland County Government, and the Sanford Lake Association to explore various options concerning the Sanford Dam, the Sanford Lake Preservation Association (SLPA) was formed to identify and address repair and maintenance issues at the Sanford Lake Dam to help ensure the long term future economic sustainability of Sanford Lake.

Multiple repairs to the dam, that was constructed in 1924, have been required in recent years. In December 2008 Boyce Hydro spent approximately $60,000 to make emergency repairs to the Sanford Dam embankment so that the normal lake water levels could be restored in the Spring of 2009. Between September and December 2010, Boyce Hydro expended approximately $153,000 to complete the Phase One embankment repairs mandated by the FERC. During that process, the FERC identified further repairs that are necessary to be completed prior to raising the water to normal operating levels. These additional Phase Two repairs are estimated to cost approximately $83,000.

There is no financial obligation to other homeowners or businesses on the lake; however, there is an open invitation to others who wish to financially participate in this repair to help ensure the long term future of the lake. More information is available at

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Pictures from today’s announcement
(courtesy of the Sanford Lake Preservation Association)

The Sanford Lake Preservation Association website also went live to day. Sanford Lake Preservation Association
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