Boyce Hydro update on Sanford Dam – Saturday, October 16th, 2010

To Sanford Lake Association Board of Directors from Lee Mueller:

On Thursday, October 7th two wet spots in the embankment returned where they had previously been observed last August. At the same time, the water levels in two of the three monitoring wells began to rise above acceptable levels. As a consequence it became necessary to return to a lowering of the Sanford Lake water level. Initially we dropped the level down to just under minus two feet for a couple of days, but the wet spots did not go away, and the water levels in the monitoring wells remained higher than is acceptable before the construction work is completed. We have now dropped the water level to at least a minus three feet and we will keep it there until next spring when the winter draw-down period is concluded.

Lee W. Mueller, Architect & Co-Member Manager
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