Boyce Hydro update on Sanford Dam – Monday, August 30th, 2010

To All: I am writing to update you on the status of the seepage area at the Sanford Dam as of our inspection at 1 pm today, Monday, August 30th.
Boyce Hydro started monitoring the seepage areas, drain tiles, and embankment piezometers three times a day on August 14th. The current status of the project is as follows:

  1. The pond level is down to 627.4, which is 3.4 feet below normal operating pool.
  2. There has been no rain for 5 days at Sanford.
  3. All seepage areas and the embankment itself have dried up.
  4. One more of the 23 drain tiles (9 now) have dried up and most others have shown a decrease in flow.
  5. Sand bleeding was initially identified in 5 drain tiles. All of the five have stopped bleeding sand.
  6. There has been little change in the water level in the embankment piezometers.
  7. A materials supplier continues to truck-in special mix sand and stockpile it for eventual placement on the dam starting around September 9th.

Boyce Hydro personnel have completed the installation of three temporary observation wells. The Company will use this data in the stability analysis to be submitted to FERC tomorrow.

There is little doubt that lowering the impoundment has had a positive and beneficial impact on the condition of the embankment.

Lee W. Mueller, Architect & Co-Member Manager
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