Call For Action

It’s time to contact your elected officials!
Whether you choose to call, email or write, the Sanford Lake Association Board of Directors has created some talking points. You may use any or all these points as you wish, conveying the message that the dam draw down of August 2010 on Sanford Lake had many negative ramifications for Midland County citizens.

The Talking Points are divided into two sections; impact to the community and economic viability of small hydroelectric dams. We have prepared a Government Contact Info page for you to use. Send to one or all, your choice.


  1. Sanford area businesses will be severely impacted. The marinas, restaurants, gas stations, bait shops, and others who depend on the lake users for much of their revenue will lose significant income. Some will fail.
  2. Property owners will see an adverse impact on their property. In an area already experiencing a depressed housing market this would be devastating.
  3. Lower property values and closed businesses will result in lower tax revenues, affecting all Midland county residents’ services.
  4. The Sanford Lake plant and animal environment; including the fishery would be affected severely. Spawning issues and die offs would be possible. Shoreline species like mink, muskrat, and otter would suffer, as would turtles and frogs.
  5. The shoreline and lake bottom would be impacted. Weed control efforts and erosion would be areas of concern. Seawalls may be compromised.
  6. Access to the lake would be limited. Most, if not all, recreational activities would be limited if not completely eliminated. Thousands of lake visitors would be denied recreation.
  7. Activities on/near the lake would be cancelled. Fishing tournaments, Triathlons, concerts, and annual fireworks displays are just some of the events that would be impacted. Thousands of visitors enjoy these events and would be denied this enjoyment.

FERC mandated upgrades “in the interest of dam safety” are converting small hydroelectric facilities such as Sanford dam into unprofitable business ventures:

  1. FERC proposed upgrades need to be peer reviewed by outside engineering companies and the general public prior to be being mandated.
  2. The Federal government needs to establish long term, low interest rate loans to small hydroelectric facilities to cover FERC mandated upgrades.
  3. The Department of Energy needs to increase economic incentives to hydroelectric generators by fossil fuel generated utilities to aid small hydroelectric generators revenue to offset FERC mandated upgrades.
  4. The value of current Renewable Energy Credits need to be increased for hydroelectric generation.
  5. New Renewable Energy Credits need to be created for hydroelectric generation
  6. Wholesale electrical prices that utilities pay need to be increased when the power comes from private hydroelectric generators.

*Please note that if you mail a letter, mail it to the local address, ex. Dave Camp in Midland. Due to the Anthrax scare, snail mail takes up to six weeks if you mail it to Washington, DC.

Government Contact Info

Contact Information for our Elected Officials State of Michigan Governor –  Rick Snyder P.O. Box 30013 Lansing, Michigan 48909 PHONE: (517) 373-3400 PHONE: (517) 335-7858 – Constituent Services FAX:(517) 335-6863 E-MAIL: Attorney General – Bill Schuette P.O. Box 30212 Lansing, MI  48909 PHONE: (517) 373-1110 FAX: (517) 373-3042 E-MAIL: State Senate – 36th …