FEMA Acceptance Next Steps

Bob Johnson, Edenville Township Supervisor has passed on the following next steps for Lake Residents that are impacted by the FEMA Flood ruling.

Per FEMA from the Midland Daily News article “FEMA agrees: Homes shouldn’t be in floodplain “Once the funding is assigned, the regulatory and mapping process can take 12-24 months to complete,” Smith-Kuypers said in an e-mail. “Meanwhile, should a homeowner wish to have the high-risk flood designation removed from their home as soon as possible, they can complete a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA). Homeowners can submit water elevation data used in the Edenville LOMR study along with a LOMA application and the elevation data specific to their structure.”

The Edenville Township is organizing a group effort to file Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA) for residents at a cost to the residence of $250.00 per property. A normal LOMA would typically cost about $500 to $700 to complete. Since most of the data is already generated, Edenville Township is partnering with two Engineering Firms in the area and they have agreed to do it at this reasonable cost. They will do everything including filling out and sending in the application for each resident that elects to participate. Bob said that FEMA will set up special processing for this bundled application and will have a 30 day turnaround. The plan would be to start the LOMA’s around 2 months from now. Residents can also do this themselves if they so choose, but the SLA would recommend getting in on this group effort.

For residents with mortgages here is what is suggested:
1) Contact the Edenville Township Office with Name , Phone No. and Address.
Edenville Township
467 Moore Street, P.O. Box 24
Edenville, MI 48620
Phone: (989) 689-3655

People that do not have mortgages may not need to do anything as the process will take care of it in about 2-3 years. Situations such as needing a building permit or looking at selling your non-mortgaged residence before the 2-3 year process is completed should be discussed with the Edenville Township Office.

All questions should be directed to the Edenville Township Office.