As approved by the SLA members at the Aug. 2014 annual meeting the annual fireworks will be held on

July 4th, 2015!! at approximately 10:00pm.

Donation cans are located at stores and establishments around the greater Sanford area and are in place from about June 1st to July 1st. The fireworks show is supported 100% by donations. Please contribute if you can! The fireworks are launched from the Community Of Christ Campground, about 1.5 miles north of US 10, on the west side of the lake. We recommend coming early to launch your boat at the Sanford Lake park. If it is raining on July 4th, the rain date would be July 5th.

The fireworks will be simulcast on FM 107.5 again this year!

Special thanks to all those who have contributed in the past, without you it would not happen! Also, a special thanks to the Community of Christ Campground for allowing the S.L.A. to launch the works there.

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SLA Fireworks Donation – OnLine

SLA 2015 Fireworks Donations Thank you for supporting the SLA fireworks. Donations will open up again next year.

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