ML&SA E-Newsletter for November 2011

The SLA has an association membership to the Michigan Lake & Stream Associations.
We have received permission to post these newsletters on our website.


In this month’s issue you will learn about:

  • State Senate Considers Legislation to Define and Restrict Permitted Activities at Public Road Ends
  • Please Consider Making a Charitable Donation to Michigan Lake and Stream Associations
  • An Editorial Urging You to Carefully Consider Candidates for Local Government Office
  • A Request to Help Us Find Michigan Lake Friendly Local Ordinances
  • Words to the Wise – by Theodore Roosevelt
  • An Invitation to Join Michigan Lake and Stream Associations
  • ML&SA New Book – Buying and Selling Waterfront Property in Michigan
  • An Invitation to Join the Michigan Waterfront Alliance
  • An Invitation to Subscribe to The Michigan Riparian
  • An Invitation to Visit the Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership Web Site
  • Registration for the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program is Now Available
  • An Invitation to the Visit the Michigan Inland Lakes Partnership Web Site
  • Our Recommended Web Site of the Month

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