Proposed new Constitution and By-laws

Last fall, the SLA board of directors decided that the Association By-Laws needed to be updated and modified. The board considered the existing by-laws to be out of date and not consistent with the way current activities were being managed. As a result, the board named a three person team to revise the document  to more effectively reflect the reality of today’s SLA. Following the drafting by the team, the board voted to accept the new document and present it for a vote of the membership at the upcoming annual meeting (August 16).
Many items in the current by-laws are too specific and, technically, the SLA should be living under these outdated rules. The team has attempted to clarify ambiguities, change some specifics to match current conditions, and make certain specified items into board decisions.
Below is a short summary of the major changes :
  • As a result of SLA’s existing and future involvement in the issues of Boyce Hydro, wording was added defining SLA as having a role as advocates for lake residents and users with regard to the dam and the dam operators.
  • Two additional board members may be added, increasing from 9 to 11
  • The role of membership director has been established
  • The current by-laws require elections every year with half the board being elected each year for two year terms. The new by-laws require elections every two years with half the board being elected each time for four year terms.
  • A provision has been added to allow removal of a board member for cause. The process for doing so is spelled out.
  • Duties of the membership director are defined
  • The date of the annual meeting is to be determined by the board and not defined in the by-laws
  • Dues are to be set by the board and not defined in the by-laws
  • The fiscal year is changed to Oct 1-Sept 30, and multi-year memberships are eliminated
  • The use of proxies by members at the annual meeting have been eliminated. Members must attend the meeting to participate in voting.
  • Two signatures will now be required only on checks larger than $500
  • The procedure for dealing with special or unusual expenditures has been simplified and better defined
This is the fifth time the by-laws have been revised since the they were first drawn up in 1998. The acceptance of the revised by-laws will be voted on at the upcoming annual meeting (annual picnic Aug. 16th, 2011). Assuming the membership votes to accept the revised by-laws, the new by-laws will be implemented immediately.

Current Constitution and By-laws (revised October 21, 2002)
Proposed Constitution and By-laws (revised June 28, 2011)