The Dam

Lee Mueller of Boyce Hydro has provided the following pictures of the Sanford Dam during it’s construction.
The construction started in 1923 and was completed in 1924.

Site Pictures before construction

Construction Phase

Governing of the Lake

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or FERC is the governing body for hydro electric facilities in the United States. FERC regulates all hydroelectric generation plants by licensing each facility. The control of Sanford Lake resides between FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) and Boyce Hydro Trust. Michigan DNR is a key stakeholder however they defer issues …

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FERC License

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or FERC is the governing body for hydro electric facilities in the United States. In the history of Sanford Dam, during February 1976, the Federal Power Commission, FERC’s predecessor, ordered Wolverine Power, the owners of the 4 dams on the Tittabawasee River (Sanford, Edenville, Smallwood and Secord) to obtain licenses …

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Source: Environment Canada

Energy Production

Consumers Power Energy Purchases from Boyce Hydro – 2011 Consumers Power has submitted their energy purchases to FERC. Consumers Energy Company for the year ending 2011 Boyce Hydro for 2011 (Note: this is for all four Dams owned by Boyce) MegaWatt Hours Purchased: 32,406 Total of Settlement: $1,679,754 Hydroelectric plants product electricity from the force …

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Winter Draw-Down Operations

Winter Draw-Down

The Winter Draw-Down – Sanford Lake Foreword: For compliance with their FERC license, Boyce Hydro monitors the reservoir pool level (as mentioned in the following article) at the Sanford dam. Lake levels upstream may be higher since there is a natural North to South flow due to the active river that runs through the lake. …

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Boyce Property Rights Issue

Latest: 02.19.2015 – FERC denies a rehearing on several issues with Boyce and Sanford Lake.   ORDER DENYING REHEARING AND STAY 02.19.2015 FERC became aware of this and sent Boyce Hydro Power a letter on April 19, 2010. In that letter they outlined to Boyce that their FERC license (Article 5) requires them to retain …

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Toe Drain Repair

Latest: Mar. 21, 2011: Boyce Hydro Power reports to FERC on the work done for the Toe drain repairs on Sanford Dam. They outline the remaining work on the dam which can be completed over the coming years. Toe.Drain.Repairs.03.21.2011 Timeline: Feb. 16, 2011: FERC informs Boyce that they incorrectly classified the Plan and Schedule for …

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FERC e-library documents: 2015 April – 03/20/2015 Letter from Boyce Hydro Power LLC. to FERC on 2014 Bald Eagle Reporting for all 4 lakes. 2014 Bald Eagle Report March – 03/20/2015 Letter from Boyce Hydro Power LLC. to FERC requesting a license amendment on their Water Quality Program.Boyce submits additional info Water Quality Monitoring license …

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FERC eLibrary

FERC has made available to the general public access to all of FERC’s documents. eLibrary is a records information system that contains: Electronic versions of documents issued by FERC from 1989-Present; Documents received and issued by FERC: A description/index of documents from 1981-Present; Microfilm and aperture cards of documents for 1981-1995; Scanned images of paper …

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