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FERC eLibrary

FERC has made available to the general public access to all of FERC’s documents.

eLibrary is a records information system that contains:

  1. Electronic versions of documents issued by FERC from 1989-Present;
  2. Documents received and issued by FERC:
    1. A description/index of documents from 1981-Present;
    2. Microfilm and aperture cards of documents for 1981-1995;
    3. Scanned images of paper documents from 1995-Present; and
    4. Native files electronically submitted from November 2000-Present

Using the FERC eLibrary is easy. There are several Search Options to choose from.
We recommend selecting selecting Docket Search.
For the Sanford Dam you will want to use Docket Number: P-2785.
Edenville Project Number P-10808
Secord Project Number P-10809
Smallwood Project Number P-10810.

Enter your search criteria: Docket Number (P-2785), Filing Date Range start and ending dates (a long span will result in long search times), then click on Submit.

The next window will show your search results. Scroll to find the documents of interest then select “File List”.

The File List page will open. This page has a couple of different views depending on the documents retrevied. In most cases look for the “FERC Generated PDF” link under File Name. When you select it, you will be asked to save the document to your hard drive for viewing.

CEII restricted documents will cause this screen to pop up when you attempt the above step. There are also “privileged” documents that also are restricted. You can learn some of what is in these types of documents from the title.