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Toe Drain Repair

Mar. 21, 2011: Boyce Hydro Power reports to FERC on the work done for the Toe drain repairs on Sanford Dam. They outline the remaining work on the dam which can be completed over the coming years.

Feb. 16, 2011: FERC informs Boyce that they incorrectly classified the Plan and Schedule for the Toe Drain Repairs as CEII. They have gone ahead and released the entire document to the public.

Feb. 11, 2011: Boyce Hydro has submitted their plan and schedule for completing the repairs by April 29, 2011 per FERC’s request in the Feb. 8, 2011 Compliance Directive.

Feb. 8, 2011: FERC has issued a Compliance Directive to Boyce Hydro on the 2011 Toe Drain Construction Schedule for Sanford Hydroelectric Project, P-2785.
The highlight of the document is FERC directing Boyce Hydro to “Take the necessary actions to undertake and complete the repairs by April 29, 2011.”

Jan. 21, 2011:
Boyce responds back to FERC on the proposed future schedule for the completion of the toe drain repairs. This is in response to a Jan 4th response from FERC that is CEII restricted.

Jan. 4, 2011:
Boyce Hydro response to FERC’s Dec. 14th letter to Boyce (CEII restricted). In this document Boyce discusses the lack of funds for the repairs and the need to keep the current draw-down status to remain in place until funds become availible.

Boyce Hydro provided the SLA the following site plan for reference on the Toe Drain Repair location on the dam:
Sanford Dam Site Plan

Documents (all are from public records):