Sanford Lake Association Letter to Residents

Dear Sanford Lake Residents:

On Thursday, May 23rd, the Midland Daily News published a story on the situation at Wixom Lake. We want to make sure you are aware that the Wixom lake situation is NOT the same as what we have experienced with Sanford Dam.

Boyce is being mandated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to meet the Probable Maximum Flood (10,000 year) requirements for Wixom Lake. Because the dams are hyrdo-electric, they are regulated by (FERC). The FERC requirement for Probable Maximum Flood for Sanford Lake WERE COMPLETED under the previous ownership prior to Boyce.

While there are ongoing yearly repairs needed for Sanford Dam, they are part of ongoing maintenance required by FERC. Based on public documents Boyce has submitted for these repairs, there is no indication that Boyce cannot meet these FERC requirements necessary for the Sanford Dam License.

We the Sanford Lake Association, have been proactive since 2009 keeping engaged with Boyce, county, community, state and federal officials to ensure the Sanford Dam and lake remain viable for all stakeholders. We will continue to work in co-operation to ensure any issues are addressed for Sanford Dam.

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Sanford Lake Association Board of Directors

Steve Tuttle, President
Adam Beebe, Vice-President
Ellen Peden, Treasurer & Fireworks
Alice “Sharron” Such, Secretary
Rob Vallentine, Director/Public Relations
Beth Jorgensen, Director/Newsletters & Grants
Lee Walko, Director/Website & Membership
Bill Gebo, Director
Scott Scarpelli, Director
Jeanette Snyder, Director
Joe Manelis, Director