Sanford Lake Residents

Dear Fellow Sanford Lake Homeowner,

We hope that you were able to enjoy Sanford Lake as much as we did this summer. Whether you’re a fisherman, boater, kayaker, or simply enjoy the sunrises and sunset over the lake, this summer has no doubt been a blessing after last year’s drawdown.

We were able to make it through the season, and thankfully, there were no major disruptions as there was last year. As board members of the Sanford Lake Association we are working to make sure the summer of 2010 never happens again. We’ve been meeting with the Sanford Lake Preservation Association, county officials, Boyce Hydro and others, to determine the best possible options for a long-term solution.

Truthfully, there is still a lot to be determined. We know that Boyce is working on re-financing the dams—but they still have over $500,000 in mandated upgrades by the federal government, and that’s just for Sanford Lake Dam. Wixom, Secord and Smallwood dams also have scheduled upgrades meaning we are just one piece of a multi-million dollar puzzle.

Thankfully, the Sanford Lake Preservation Association (SLPA) stepped in after last year’s drawdown and provided the nearly $100,000 for the emergency repairs that allowed for Sanford Lake to be at full level this summer. It is safe to say that without that generosity, we’d have had a very different summer on the lake this year. That’s why we’re asking that every homeowner on the lake band together to help raise the needed funds so SLPA can recover the cost of the repairs.

The SLPA funded repairs that have been completed cost just shy of $100,000 and the SLPA has raised nearly $50,000 in donations from over 120 residents that have ranged from $25 to $5,000.

Now is the time for everyone to join the cause. If we band together and each homeowner chips in $75, $100, or even $1000 to the cause, we will be well on our way to putting the drawdown of 2010 behind us and focusing on the long-term solution.
All donations should be mailed to:

Sanford Lake Association
Attn: SLPA Fund
P.O. Box 212
Sanford, MI 48657

The Sanford Lake Association Board of Directors