SLIB on weed control for the remainder of 2010

Doug Enos, Drain Commissioner and board member of the Sanford Lake Improvement Board, has responded to the requests coming in on weed control with the lake level being lowered.

It has been asked as to why there is no treatment of the weeds in the lake at this time. There are several reasons.

  1. There is very little money left in this year’s budget for treatment.
  2. The treatment applicator is unable to get the boats into the lake with the ramps unusable.
  3. Most of the weeds you see are wild celery for which there is no chemical that will kill them, there is only a growth regulator which stunts their growth. Treatment of this weed is only done where it is hampering boat access to the remainder of the lake. With only a handful of boats on the lake this is not an issue at this time.
  4. Our treatment permit allows treatment of the native weeds [wild celery is a native weed] only in the littoral zone. The littoral zone is that portion of the shoreline out to the five foot contour level. Most of the littoral zone is now exposed ground.
  5. Killing the weeds this year is no guarantee that they will not be back again next year. Again, it is for boating, not swimming, which the Lake Board has always targeted weed control. This year’s boating season appears to have ended.

Doug Enos