The Winter Draw-Down – Sanford Lake

The Sanford Lake Association has received the following release from Boyce Hydro about the annual winter draw-down. This is permitted under FERC’s license and is an annual event. For back ground information please see the following web page on our site, The Winter Draw-Down – Sanford Lake.

3 December, 2011

To The Sanford Lake Association Board

The Boyce Hydro Power, LLC annual winter draw down of the Sanford Lake reservoir will commence on or about 15 December, 2011. The total drawdown will be 3 feet below normal pond. The rate of the draw down will be a function of the amount of precipitation that is experienced in the Tittabawasee River system above the Sanford Dam. Typically the draw down is completed within 20 or 30 days, by January 15th.

The draw down typically remains in effect until around mid April based upon water temperatures.

Sincerely yours,

Lee W. Mueller, Architect & Co-Member Manager