UPDATE: Spring Run Off Commenced – Lake To Return To Normal Levels!!

The SLA has been informed by Lee Mueller of Boyce Hydro.
“On Wednesday afternoon I conducted the aerial survey of Sanford Lake primarily to scout out the lake ice fishing activity. There was none as the ice is melting and water channels are opening up. That the warm weather has now effectively commenced the annual spring snow melt. We have already been required to open some of the spill gates at Edenvillee. The reservoirs will probably be at full pond by Wednesday if not sooner.”


Repairs to the dike have been completed, approved by FERC, and the lake is expected to return to it’s normal pool level within the week of March 20..

If you, or anyone you know around the lake, has a boat, pontoon, or hoist that did not get removed last season, you fear that rising water levels with flowing ice may damage it, and you need help removing or protecting it, assistance is available. For assistance call Colette at 430-1811 ASAP.