Sanford Lake Association Letter Writing

Since the rain disrupted our letter writing event at the Aug. 24th, 2021 SLA annual meeting/picnic we have scheduled a make up session.

Event is at the Jerome Township hall on Sept. 14th, 2021 5-7 for those who didn’t get to sign letters at the picnic, including ones that were printed but didn’t get signed, or want to drop off what they took home. Other lake residents are also welcome. The address is 737 W. Beamish of of West River Rd. MAP location.

Dropbox – We have a box sitting on the floor of the Admin office at the Jerome Township hall marked for people who took letters home to sign and are not able to attend our event. You can go in the back door of the hall, then the second door on the left. The offices are open 9-1 M-Th. The box will be available for people to drop them off between now and the Sept. 14th, 2021 event where we will be combining them in with the others. They can also drop them at the event on Sept. 14th, 2021 . It is important that people paperclip them in the order printed out, to make our sorting easier.