Coyotes on the Lakebottoms

From the FLTF:

On January 20, the Midland Daily News (MDN) had a front-page article about increasing sightings of coyotes in and around Sanford Lake. A local resident also advised FLTF of abundant coyotes hunting and living among the recently sprouted trees on the Wixom Lake bottomland. The MDN article included comments from individuals proposing hunting as a way to deal with the coyotes. FLTF reminds the public that hunting with rifles and setting traps on the drained lakebottoms is not allowed for public safety reasons. Hunting with shotguns, in compliance with state hunting regulations, is permitted. FLTF is planning control programs in 2022 for the lakebottom trees. These trees are new habitat that has attracted mice, rabbits and the coyotes that eat them. If the trees are eliminated, this will also discourage the coyotes, as it will eliminate cover for the coyotes’ food source and the coyotes themselves. Tips for dealing with coyotes: Put trash out in the morning Don’t put your pet’s food outside Accompany your pet outside Scare coyotes off by clapping your hands, yelling, banging pots and pans, and making a lot of noise Remember they’re wild animals – don’t try to get close to them
Lakebottom Access & Use Rules

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