Governor Signs Appropriations Bill

From the FLTL:

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, after receiving approval last week from the Michigan House of Representatives and Senate, today signed the supplemental bill that included $200 million of support for the rebuilding of the Four Lakes dams and restoring our community’s future.

This funding will significantly lower the burden on property owners for bringing back our lakes, and will ensure we will stay on track for construction.

“These appropriations have now passed through the Michigan House and Senate, and been signed by Governor Whitmer,” said Dave Kepler, president of FLTF. “We are grateful, as property owners and our community, to have a significantly lower financial burden and are pleased to know our future with beautiful lakes and safe, well-functioning dams is one step closer.”

See our previous News Flash for more details about the appropriation.

Please tune in to our April 6 webinar for information about the impact of this appropriation on our path forward.