About the Sanford Lake Association

The Sanford Lake Association (SLA) is comprised of  home-owners on and around Sanford Lake. We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the State of Michigan and funded soley by membership dues. Our primary concern is to look after the interests of both the lake and it’s residents and to look after the overall well-being of our lake. Some of our specific purposes include:

  • To raise awareness of lake issues with the community
  • To develop a partnership with lake neighbors
  • To launch fundraising events and apply for grants
  • To be a platform for concerns to be heard by local government
  • To gain a historical perspective for long-time residents
  • To collect data on a broad range of lake concerns (water quality, development, lake-use concerns, etc)
  • To gather information and present educational programs for our members and those near the lake
  • To develop a long-range lake management plan
  • To act as a support group for members

We publish a newsletter several times a year which can be found here.
We are responsible for putting together the annual fireworks display over Sanford lake and the Boat Swap held in the spring.
The Sanford Lake Association Constitution and By-laws can be found here.

For membership information please visit our Membership page.

Officers & Directors

  Sanford Lake Association Jeanette Snyder, President /PR&Newsletters Term expires: 9/30/2020 4740 Anna Lane, Sanford Phone: 989-430-1020 sjsnyder0602@aol.com Tim Holsworth, Vice-President/Membership Term expires: 9/30/2020 5209 N. Fox Rd., Sanford Phone: 989-450-9921 tim.holsworth@ahpplc.com Audrey Southcott, Secretary Term expires: 9/30/2020 4855 Anna Lane, Sanford Phone: jasouthcott@yahoo.com Kurt Partlo, Treasurer Term expires: 9/30/2022 566 W Chippewa CT, Sanford …


The Sanford Lake Association was originally formed in May of 1998 and has operated with a “Constitution and By-laws” set of documents. The By-laws have been revised 4 times with the last on October 21, 2002. The current Board of Directors of the SLA had determined that the current Constitution and By-laws were outdated and …

Meeting Minutes

2017 Meeting Minutes 2.20.2017.Approved.Minutes 2016 Meeting Minutes 02.15.2016.Minutes.Approved 04.18.2016.Minutes.Approved 06.20.2016.Minutes.Approved 10.17.2016.Minutes.Approved 2015 Meeting Minutes 02.16.2015 SLA Minutes 04.20.2015 SLA Minutes 06.22.2015 SLA Minutes 08.17.2015 SLA Minutes 08.18.2015 Annual Meeting Minutes 10.19.2015 SLA Minutes 2014 Meeting Minutes 02.24.2014 SLA Minutes 04.28.2014 SLA Minutes 06.23.2014 SLA Minutes 08.18.2014 SLA Minutes 08.19.2014 Annual Meeting minutes 2013 Meeting Minutes …


The Sanford Lake Association publishes a newsletter several times a year via electronic distribution (e-mail to SLA members). Note: If you are an active member and did not receive this please visit our Contact Us Page to give us your correct email address. Archives: 2016 Winter 2016 Spring 2016 2015 Winter 2015 Summer 2015 Spring …


The Sanford Lake Association is a organized as a 501c3 exempt organization. Our EIN number is 383461209, You may verify the SLA’s exempt status from the following IRS page by entering our EIN number and selecting Search, then clicking under the Deductibility Status the link title PC: Exempt Organizations Select Check Disclaimer:If you have any …