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Boyce Hydro, LLC (BHLLC) update on the status of the seepage area at Sanford Dam – Aug. 25, 2010

This is an update from Boyce Hydro: BHLLC started monitoring the seepage areas, drain tiles and embankment piezometers three times a day since August 14th. The current status of the project is as follows: 1. The pond level is down to 627.6 which is approximately 3.2 feet below normal pool. 2. Last night a trace …

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Sanford Dam Construction Site Plan

Boyce Hydro Power, LLC has provided the SLA with the Sanford Dam site plan showing the initial indication of the repair work that will be undertaken on the dam. With their permission we have made it available. If there are updates to this, Boyce has indicated they will make this available to us for posting. …

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WNEM TV5 Coverage – Aug. 17th, 2010

WNEM coverage of the Sanford Lake Situation includes video from their newscast. Sanford Lake Drawdown May Mean 3.5-Foot Drop