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Edenville Dam Update – October 9, 2018

October 2018 Boyce responds to an Aug. letter outlining several non-compliance issues at the dams Boyce.Response.10.08.2018 Boyce’s lawyers file for a rehearing and renewed emergency motion on the revoking of the Edenville license Boyce.Rehearing.Motion.10.05.2018 The SLA has created a separate page for all of the documents concerning the Edenville dam and more. Link to webpage.

Edenville Dam Update – September 26, 2018

September 2018 Congressman John Moolenaar submits letter supporting the Lake Associations 180 day extension. Moolenaar.Letter.09.26.2018 Senator Debbie Stabenow submits letter supporting the Lake Associations 180 day extension. Stabenow.Letter.09.26.2018 FERC approves Boyce’s recommendation on disabling the power generation at the Edenville dam. FERC.Approves.Boyce.Recommendation.09.26.2018 Consumer Power submits their responses on Boyce’s request for their dismantling plans of …

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Four Lakes Drawdown schedule

Buried in one of the recent documents from FERC is the tentative schedule for the drawdown and refilling of the four lakes. This is based on the schedule inspections occurring as planned, no emergency work that would prevent Boyce from refiling the lakes and to some degree the amount of rainfall that occurs. Note: Click …

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