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Sanford Lake tornado caught on tape by amateur 15-year-old videographer

Mlive has an article and video from the Sanford Lake tornado on Sunday, July 24th. Read it here.

Sanford Lake will not be lowered

mlive: Sanford Lake will not be lowered to continue search for missing man Midland County article: Plan Discontinued to Lower Levels of Sanford Lake WNEM TV5news: Crews Will Not Lower Lake Level For Missing Man

Press Coverage of Sanford Lake Preservation Association

WNEMTV5news: Deal Struck: Sanford Lake Saga Nearing End Read it here. MDN: Deal will allow Sanford dam work to be completed, Sanford Lake levels to rise Read it here. mlive: Long term solution still in works after Sanford Lake property owners foot repair bill Read it here. mlive: Sanford Lake group finalizes agreement with Boyce …

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