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Four Lakes Task Force Update on Sanford Dam

If you did not attend Feb. 25th, 2021 FLTF meeting concerning Sanford Dam you can view the webinar and download the presentation following the link below. Link to FLTF website

Michigan Waterfront Alliance (MWA)

The MWA is a lobbying group that focuses on the state legislature as regards lakefront property owners interests. They are a spinoff from Michigan Lakes and Streams Association, with which you maybe familiar with. The final report of the Michigan Dam Safety Task Force that was initiated as a result of our 2020 flood and …

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MDN: FLTF Nears Completion of Possessing Dams

This is a major milestone for us to get Sanford Dam restored. Read the Midland Daily News article here.

FLTF: Condemnation litigation settled with Boyce

Four Lakes Task Force just published that they reached an agreement with Boyce on the condemnation litigation lawsuits. Read it here