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Edenville Dam Update – August 21, 2018

Boyce responds to Aug. 3 letter on 2018 Water Quality Monitoring reports that was requesting additional information. Boyce.Response.Frank.08.14.2018 Boyce sends notification to DEQ, DNR and the US Fish and Wildlife Service for comments on lowering the lake for the dam inspections. Boyce.Notification.DEQ.08.17.2018 Boyce.Notification.DNR.08.17.2018 Boyce.Notification.US.Fish.Wildlife.Service.08.17.2018 The SLA has created a separate page for all of the …

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Temporary Secord, Smallwood, Wixom and Sanford Lake Drawdowns Planned for Fall, 2018

From SLA’s president, Adam Beebe to our Sanford Lake and upstream lake residents: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is requiring all owners of earth-embankment hydroelectric dams to conduct special “focused spillway inspections”.  These inspections are a consequence of the near-failure of the Oroville, California earth-embankment hydroelectric dam in 2017.  Owners of affected dams will …

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Edenville Dam Update – August 7, 2018

FERC issues a notification for comments on the proposed dam inspections. Standard FERC item done before the approval can be granted. FERC.Notice.of.Application.08.07.2018 FERC requests a clarification about including the lowering of Secord lake for the dam inspections which was an oversight by Boyce.Therefore all four lakes will be lowered 4 feet when approved by FERC. …

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