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Edenville Dam Update – September 14, 2018

FERC issues it’s order of approval for the drawdown of the lakes to allow spillway inspections to take place. Sanford and Smallwood to start on or after Sept. 20th and are to be drawn down the full four feet. Secord’s to start on or after Sept. 24th. Boyce must consult with the regional Engineer if …

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Edenville Dam Update – September 7, 2018

  Boyce submits comments on the schedule and DNR requests for the four lake drawdowns. They are withdrawing their request for the Sept. 16th earlier drawdown and are back to the original Sept. 20th request. NOTE: FERC still has to approve this date. Boyce is challenging DNR’s request on monitoring the fish and mussels during …

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Edenville Dam Update – September 4, 2018

Joesph Sepesy submitted comments on denying Boyce’s request to move the date. Sepesy.09.04.2018 Wixom Lake Association submitted their comments on keeping the Sept. 20 date for the drawdown. Wixom.Lake.Association.09.04.2018   The SLA has created a separate page for all of the documents concerning the Edenville dam and more. Link to webpage.