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Edenville Dam Update – August 23, 2018

Heather Gunn submitted a request from Secord Lake to move the timing to one week later due to a boat event they already have scheduled for Sept. 22. Gunn.Secord.08.23.2018 Midland Daily News article on where to submit comments on Boyce’s request for a variance to lower the lakes for the upcoming inspection. Link Gladwin County …

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Saginaw News: Man dies after utility vehicle breaks through ice on Mid-Michigan lake

A very tragic accident has occurred on Sanford Lake. We wanted to share a link to the news story to remind everyone of the dangers during the winter months. People may forget that there is a river running underneath the ice and which can create weak spots in the ice as the article points out. …

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Environmental Survey for Sanford Lake

The SLA Board received the following information and would like our members to be aware of it. Environmental Survey for Sanford Lake The Midland County Department of Public Health will be conducting an environmental waste survey of Sanford Lake during the current drawdown. Representatives of the Environmental Health Division will be walking the shoreline of …

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