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Sanford Lake Levels – June 2014

The SLA has recieved the following from Frank O. Christie, P.E., General Manager for Boyce Hydro, LLC about the low level of the lake noticed by many this last weekend. June 9, 2014 “The reservoir was drawn down to its lowest allowable level over the weekend because we are required to open a gate at Sanford and …

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Midland County Board of Commissioners: Letter of Intent

The Sanford Lake Association recently received the following from the Midland County Board of Commissioner. “Letter of Intent from the Midland County Board of Commissioners as it relates to the county’s ownership of the bottomlands of Sanford Lake”.Letter of Intent Sanford Lake

Lake Safety

As ice begins to form on the lake it is time to remind everyone about good safety practices. This is from one of our Directors, Joe Manelis. Cold Water Can Kill Cold water can present a lethal threat… and many don’t have any appreciation of this… “Rules of 50”: A 50-year-old person has a 50-50 …

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