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Update on the dams – January 15, 2019

Boyce submits a revised Exhibit G drawing for Sanford Lake Boyce.Revised.Exhibit.G.Drawings.01.10.2019 FERC response to Boyce’s letter on replacing faded signage at the three dams  FERC.Faded.Signage.Response.01.10.2019 The SLA has created a separate page for all of the documents concerning all four dams and more. Link to webpage.

New SLA Items

We’ve partnered with Blocks by Heather to provide Sanford Lake Association items such as engraved koozies and tumblers, our new t-shirts, and customized Sanford Lake Map plaque! This is a great way to promote the SLA and offer quality items. The website is: All prices INCLUDE shipping, and the SLA receives a deposit for …

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A message from the SLA

To Sanford Lake, I trust you have all enjoyed time with your family and friends during the end of year holidays and festivities. We all should have enjoyed the warmer than normal weather. Know the winter has found us again we can enjoy more of the frozen water activities. We on the Sanford Lake Board …

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