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MDN: Sanford Lake algae levels exceed WHO drinking standards Levels below recreational contact standards

John Kennett at Midland Daily News published a followup article on the Sanford Lake algae levels on October 3, 2016. You can read the article here.

MDN: Sanford Lake: ‘Perfect Storm’ produces algae

John Kennet of the Midland Daily news posted the following article on the algae problem on Sanford Lake on Sunday, September 18, 2016 Sanford Lake: ‘Perfect Storm’ produces algae

Sanford Lake Weed Treatment

The SLA encouraged the SLIB (Jerome and Village of Sanford) and the Edenville Township to partner with the same company for weed treatment on Sanford Lake for consistency of the treatment and cost savings a couple of years ago. Today we are using PLM Lake & Land Management Corp. At the SLA Annual Member picnic …

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