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Temporary Secord, Smallwood, Wixom and Sanford Lake Drawdowns Planned for Fall, 2018

From SLA’s president, Adam Beebe to our Sanford Lake and upstream lake residents: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is requiring all owners of earth-embankment hydroelectric dams to conduct special “focused spillway inspections”.  These inspections are a consequence of the near-failure of the Oroville, California earth-embankment hydroelectric dam in 2017.  Owners of affected dams will …

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Edenville Dam Update – August 7, 2018

FERC issues a notification for comments on the proposed dam inspections. Standard FERC item done before the approval can be granted. FERC.Notice.of.Application.08.07.2018 FERC requests a clarification about including the lowering of Secord lake for the dam inspections which was an oversight by Boyce.Therefore all four lakes will be lowered 4 feet when approved by FERC. …

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Edenville Dam Update – August 3, 2018

FERC issues a lengthy letter to Boyce commenting on their 2018 Water Quality Monitoring reports and requesting additional information. FERC.Followup.Water.Qual.Monitoring.08.03.2018 The SLA has created a separate page for all of the documents concerning the Edenville dam and more. Link to webpage.