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Edenville Dam Update – September 14, 2018

FERC issues it’s order of approval for the drawdown of the lakes to allow spillway inspections to take place. Sanford and Smallwood to start on or after Sept. 20th and are to be drawn down the full four feet. Secord’s to start on or after Sept. 24th. Boyce must consult with the regional Engineer if …

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ABC12 News – Report

Sanford Lake Association President Adam Beebe was recently interviewed by ABC12 News  Rebecca Trylch  about the Edenville dam license. You may watch the video here.  

Edenville Dam Update – September 11, 2018

FERC issues order revoking Boyce’s Edenville license. The SLA is motoring this event and will update our members with the appropriate information when we understand the implications this has to all lake residents. At this time, the SLA does not know how this will impact the upcoming drawdowns for spillway inspections. FERC.Order.Revoking.Boyce.License.09.10.2018 The SLA has …

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