Edenville Dam Update – Feb. 15, 2018

The following are key documents made available to the general public from FERC’s elibrary; there are several others in addition to these. The SLA is publishing  just the key documents so our lake communities have equal access to these documents.
The SLA Board of Directors is monitoring these events and will update our membership when appropriate.

Feb. 2018

Four documents were released in rapid fashion on Feb. 15, 2018

Jan. 2018

  • Wixom Lake Association and Smallwood Lake Associations letters to FERC challenging  the timing of the reservoir lowering in July 2018 for the planned focused spillway inspections.
  • FERC has amended the original Stay based on Boyce’s concern with icing of the gates at Edenville to control the lake level. They are allowing Boyce to resume flowing water thru the turbines to insure the Edenville Lake level is under control until March 31. In addition Boyce must submit weekly photographs of the gates.

Dec. 2017

Nov. 2017