Edenville Dam Update – July 22, 2018

The SLA has created a separate page for all of the documents concerning the Edenville dam.

It is located here.

Going forward we will post the latest documents on the main page such as below. For the history you will need to go the new webpage.

July 2018

  • FERC letter is to the DNR saying they are siding with Boyce on where the lake level temperatures are being measured.
  • FERC letter on their evaluation on the Boyce’s submittal of data of lake levels and temperatures to the complaints they received this spring. Overall they were satisfied that Boyce did not keep the lake levels low when the surface temperatures were believed to be above the 39F temperature threshold and thus did not violate their license. They did take issue with a couple of lake level readings on Smallwood Lake and took issue that Boyce failed to report those incidents and therefore were in violation of their license
  • Boyce submitted a letter to FERC on their concerns on managing water level versus dissolved oxygen especially at Sanford.