Edenville Dam Update – September 14, 2018

  • FERC issues it’s order of approval for the drawdown of the lakes to allow spillway inspections to take place.
    • Sanford and Smallwood to start on or after Sept. 20th and are to be drawn down the full four feet.
    • Secord’s to start on or after Sept. 24th. Boyce must consult with the regional Engineer if the full four feet is necessary for Secord lake.
    • There are some concessions made to the DNR but not to the extent the DNR requested.
    • Wixom Lake – FERC mentions that Wixom lake must be drawndown to inspect the Smallwood spillways. It points out that as of Sept. 27th FERC will no longer have jurisdiction over the Edenville dam and Wixom lake. In the Orders section Wixom lake is not mentioned.
    • FERC.Order.Approval.09.14.2018

The SLA has created a separate page for all of the documents concerning the Edenville dam and more.

Link to webpage.