Four Lakes Task Force on accessing lake bottom lands for property recovery

Notice of the Four Lakes Task Force (FLTF) on accessing lake bottom lands for property recovery

May 28, 2020

The following notice applies to contractors are working in Midland County on Sanford and Wixom Lake bottom lands to remove pontoons, hoists, and docks.

If owners are retrieving property from their own shoreline or accessing through their own property, they do not need to seek approval. They will need to seek the owner’s permission to access private property in the case that the personal property being recovered is on another owner’s property.

If the removal requires equipment to be placed on the Bottom Lands, they will need to go through a Contractor:

Requirements of Contractor’s:
Contractors that are working in Midland County to assist homeowners in property recovery:

  1. Must be a licensed Contractor with Insurance
  2. Contractor’s removing property from Lake bottom lands do not need to get a safety plan review so long as they are not near or on the dams, bridges, or any other structure.
    • Otherwise, please see Midland County’s safety plan review process

Note: If contractors need to put equipment on the lake bottoms in Gladwin County, that is a matter for Boyce and FLTF is getting in contact with them on this matter for the process.

Process for receiving approval from Four Lakes Task Force
Contractor’s that meet the above requirements please contact the secretary of FLTF at to get the following paperwork:

  • FLTF will request that a release be signed and in return companies will receive a letter from FLTF authorizing their access to the bottom lands on behalf of homeowners.
  • In your email to FTLF, please provide:
    1. Contact name and phone number
    2. Physical address
    3. Where the work you are requesting will be preformed

If there are questions on any of the items in this document the best way to contact Four Lakes Task Force is by email at:

  • FLTF is also available by phone at (989) 941-3005.

This document may be downloaded.