Sanford Dam Debris Removal

The Four Lakes Task Force is organizing a clean up of debris around the Sanford dam.
They have set up a webpage for you to claim items you may have lost during the flooding.

Please go this link to learn more about the clean up and to claim recovered items.


Four Lakes Task Force Volunteer Request

Four Lakes Task Force is looking for several volunteers to help with recovery of people’s property that is currently lodged behind Sanford dam. The operation will be commencing most likely on October 19 and the actual salvage work will be done by Fisher Contracting. Any recovered items that can be identified (owner’s name, a registration number, etc) will be placed in secure storage for later claim by the property owner. Items that have no identification or means of tracing the owner will be sent to landfill.

We envision working in teams of two to three people. As salvaged items are placed on the sorting area on shore, one volunteer would check each item for identifying markings. Those items with markings would then be placed in a secure storage area where a second volunteer would log in the item, take photos, and note its location within the storage area. If we use a third volunteer on the team, it would be to periodically spell the other two. The number of volunteers on a team will be determined based on how many volunteers we have and the actual flow of work at the time.

In addition to the above teams, we will need teams to work the secure storage area during the time that people will be allowed to claim their property. That will involve having someone checking people’s ID at the gate and helping locate the item in the storage area and verifying the claim. Fisher employees will be on hand to help load any items onto owner’s trailers.

Other volunteers will also be needed to transfer data from the field log sheets to a spreadsheet and also contact owners concerning their property and schedule pick up times. 

We are looking for volunteers for the salvage teams that have the ability to work during the week for four hour blocks. It is expected that the entire operation will take a couple weeks. We will schedule volunteers so as to utilize them when they are available, which means that the composition of the teams may change daily. It is important to note that work will be outside in the elements, whatever they may be.

We plan on holding a volunteer training meeting on Friday, October 9 at 10:00 at the Sanford dam. Representatives from Spicer Engineering, Fisher Contracting, and Four lakes Task Force will be there to explain the operation, scheduling and administration of the project.

If you are interested in volunteering your time please email Kayla Stryker ( with your interest. When we have dates set, she will email the list that expressed interest with specific dates and times to sign up for shifts.

Thanks again for your willingness to help! It is very appreciated.

Best Regards

Dave Kepler


Four Lakes Task Force

SLA Board of Directors Election Results

Thank you to all of the members that voted. Here are the six directors that start their four year term on Oct. 1, 2020.

Elaine Arnold

Patricia Benner

Bill Gebo

Tim Holsworth (Returning Director)

John Kinkema (Returning Director)

Kristie Tuttle