Sanford Lake Association Letter Writing

Since the rain disrupted our letter writing event at the Aug. 24th, 2021 SLA annual meeting/picnic we have scheduled a make up session.

Event is at the Jerome Township hall on Sept. 14th, 2021 5-7 for those who didn’t get to sign letters at the picnic, including ones that were printed but didn’t get signed, or want to drop off what they took home. Other lake residents are also welcome. The address is 737 W. Beamish of of West River Rd. MAP location.

Dropbox – We have a box sitting on the floor of the Admin office at the Jerome Township hall marked for people who took letters home to sign and are not able to attend our event. You can go in the back door of the hall, then the second door on the left. The offices are open 9-1 M-Th. The box will be available for people to drop them off between now and the Sept. 14th, 2021 event where we will be combining them in with the others. They can also drop them at the event on Sept. 14th, 2021 . It is important that people paperclip them in the order printed out, to make our sorting easier.

Founder’s Day – Sept. 11 & 12

The Sanford Historical Society will have the Founder’s Day celebration this year. The dates are Sept. 11 & 12, 2021. Highlights include the Downtown Sanford parade (noon Saturday, Sept. 11), Craft Show, Classic Car show and many things for kids. Admission is free.

SLA Annual Meeting/Picnic

It’s time again to renew friendships and meet some of our new back lot and lakefront owners. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 24, 2021 when the SLA will host its annual Potluck Picnic. We will meet at the pavilion in the Midland County Sanford Lake Park. Be sure to have your dish in the lineup by 6 p.m. when the potluck meal begins.

NOTE: This is our annual membership meeting/picnic. You must be an SLA member to attend. In addition for those that are lake or back lot that would like to join, you can do so prior to the meeting. Current members can also renew their membership.

This year our guest speakers will be Representatives Annette Glenn and Roger Hauck.  They will be speaking about the current dam safety and funding for dam repairs bills that are going through the House and Senate. Please bring any questions you have regarding the bills to the meeting for a Q&A. There will also be a letter writing campaign set up at the meeting so you can sign your own letter to be sent to our legislative representatives. 

Attendees will enjoy pulled pork sandwiches provided by the SLA; utensils and paper products will also be provided. Please bring your own beverage, a side dish to share, and a neighbor who would like to join the SLA.

Membership currently stands at 291 members and is comprised of lake lot and back lot home owners of Sanford Lake. Our purpose is to provide a consolidated voice for the common good of the lake community; promote lake community awareness regarding lake restoration efforts and concerns; support efforts to restore and maintain the lakefront; act as a liaison between the lake community and township; village and county governments as well as other governmental agencies; and to partner with Four Lakes Task Force to facilitate the restoration of the lake. 

The picnic gives SLA members the opportunity to ask questions and get better informed about issues impacting the Lake.

As usual there will be a table with Sanford Lake gear for sale including our new T-shirts, Sweatshirts, vehicle window decals and yard signs as well as a table where old and new neighbors can renew their membership or join or the SLA for an annual fee of $30.00 per household. Proceeds from our gear sale will go the FLTF to restore Sanford Lake.

Sanford Lake Association Now a Partner in Restore the Lakes

The Sanford Lake Association, along with, Wixon, Secord and Smallwood Lake Associations have partnered together to focus on restoring the the four lakes. To learn more please see our Restore The Lakes page here.

MDN: Sanford to bring back Fourth of July celebration

The Midland Daily News published an article about the upcoming Fireworks sponsored by the Sanford Lake Association.

After a year on hiatus due to the pandemic and devastating dam failures last year, the annual Sanford Fourth of July celebration will return. The festivities will begin at 7 p.m. Sunday, July 4, at its new location at Sanford Lake Park.

Read the entire article here: Link

To DONATE please go here. Link

Boyce Hydro Fined

FERC has fined Boyce Hydro fined $15 million for dam safety violations that led to failures, floods.

Read the article here.


FLTF Upcoming Webinars

All informational sessions begin at 5 p.m. and will be held virtually. A recording and the presentation slides will be posted on the FLTF website after. Register at the links below

Tuesday, April 13 – Rain and Flood Studies — Join us for a taped webinar and live roundtable discussion about the impact of changing weather patterns on precipitation in the area, and the FLTF response related to dam safety.  REGISTER

Monday, April 19 – Updated Costs and Estimated Assessments — This webinar is focused on project planning and will include discussion on the impact on assessments. We will provide updates by dam. REGISTER

Wednesday, April 28 – Instrumentation on Lakes, Streams and Tributaries — Join this taped webinar and live panel discussion to learn about the state-of-the-art gauges and monitoring devices being installed on streams and tributaries to understand water levels and enhance community safety. REGISTER

Wednesday, May 5 – Environmental & Regulatory Considerations — This live presentation will review the many environmental and regulatory considerations for bringing back the lakes, and share FLTF work to collaborate on solutions. REGISTER

Thursday, May 13 – Financial Modeling with Survey Results –This live webinar will review the most current financial models and incorporate results of the property owner survey. REGISTER

Tuesday, May 25 – Meeting with Midland and Gladwin County Commissioners –This joint meeting will focus on the path forward and include a review of financial models and a discussion about affordability for property owners. Time is still to-be-determined. 

Tuesday, June 1 – Quarterly Board Meeting of Four Lakes Task Force on behalf of the Four Lakes Special Assessment District 


WNEW TV5 – M-30 Temporary Bridge

WNEW news did an TV article on the reopening of the M-30 Bridge.

Four Lakes Task Force Update on Sanford Dam

If you did not attend Feb. 25th, 2021 FLTF meeting concerning Sanford Dam you can view the webinar and download the presentation following the link below.

Link to FLTF website

Michigan Waterfront Alliance (MWA)

The MWA is a lobbying group that focuses on the state legislature as regards lakefront property owners interests. They are a spinoff from Michigan Lakes and Streams Association, with which you maybe familiar with. The final report of the Michigan Dam Safety Task Force that was initiated as a result of our 2020 flood and dam failure can be found in the following link.

Link to Final Report