FERC Response to Congressional Submittal

FERC has released their response to the six Congressional members letter to FERC to respond to 10 questions about FERC activities around Boyce Hydro and the four dams.

Here is the link to our post on the Congressional Submittal. https://sanfordlakeassociation.org/congressional-submittal-to-ferc-3566

Here are the six letters from FERC. The response is the same so you will only need to read one of them.

Red Cross Flyer

Homes with a classification of at least “Major” may qualify for immediate financial assistance from the Red Cross.  The current deadline is June 22, 2020.

FERC Order on Reservoir Rim Study

FERC issues a letter to Boyce stating they must hire an engineer to survey the rim of Sanford Lake to find areas of erosion. Stabilization measures for residences or structures that could suffer additional damage must be done by Boyce when found.