ABC News: What to Do If You Fall Through the Ice

ABC News has a great article on what to do if you fall through the Ice.
Read it here.

Toe Drain Repairs

It was reported at the SLA Board of Directors meeting, Tuesday, Feb 15th, 2011 that stone and sand piles were seen at the Sanford County Park recently. Here is a photo from today that shows Boyce Hydro has started to bring in the materials for the upcoming Toe Drain Repair.

Sanford Dam Toe Drain repair material

ML&SA E-Newsletter for February

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ML&SA E-Newsletter for February, 2011.

In this month’s issue you will learn about:

  • The MDNR plan to reduce state-wide populations of the mute swan
  • The ML&SA 50th Annual Conference
  • Our Recommended Web Site of the Month
  • Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership Educational Opportunities

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