Boyce Hydro update on Sanford Dam – Tuesday, October 4th, 2010

To Sanford Lake Association Board of Directors from Lee Mueller:

Last week FERC accepted Boyce Hydro’s updated dam stability analysis that was prepared by Steve Doret, P.E. and submitted to FERC for review. Boyce Hydro now has authorization to raise the Sanford Lake level to a maximum of 629.8 (USGS) which is one foot below normal operating level. This approval is subject, however, to the results of daily readings of the new monitoring wells and the conditions in the embankment that we may observe each day. If wet spots re-emerge then the water level in the lake will be dropped.

As a consequence of FERC’s actions, we are now gradually raising the lake level while we are underway with the embankment repairs which will continue for the at least the next four weeks. As of this morning, the Sanford Lake level was at approximately 628.15 (USGS). Normal pond is 630.8 (USGS) so at the present time the Sanford Lake level is approximately 2.65’ below normal pond. I expect that the water level will increase at a rate of around two or three inches per day depending on rain inflows.
Lee W. Mueller, Architect & Co-Member Manager
Boyce Hydro, LLC
6000 South M-30 (P.O. Box 15)
Edenville, MI 48620
tel: (989) 689-3161 / fax: (989) 689-3055

Sanford Lake Bathymetry Maps

The bathymetry map showing lake depths in Sanford Lake has recently been completed and is available from the Midland County Drain Commissioner’s office.
See the details here.
A CDROM version of the map has been made available for purchase by the County Drain Commissioner’s office. A copy can be picked up in the Drain Commissioner’s office for $1.00 or you may request for the CD to be mailed for $2.00 by calling the number below.
The Drain Commissioner Office is on the second floor of the Midland County office building.
220 W Ellsworth St
Midland, MI 48640-5194
Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm
(989) 832-6770

MDN’s Sanford Dam Project Update – Sept. 23, 2010

Tony Lascari from the Midland Daily News attended the Sanford Lake Association Board of Directors meeting last night at the request of Boyce Hydro who came to update the Board on the Dam and FEMA mapping.
You may read his article here: