Midland County Office of Emergency Management

From: Roger Garner, PEM, CFM
Emergency Management Coordinator
County of Midland
220 W. Ellsworth Street
Midland, MI 48640
(989) 832-6750
Read the entire statement here:
Sanford Lake Level is being lowered by Boyce Hydro, LLC

Midland Daily News Articles on Sanford Dam

Here are the front page articles from the Midland Daily News, Sun Aug 15, 2010.
Sanford dike leaks not an immediate threat; failure to communicate frustrates residents, county

Residents scramble to get their boats out of Sanford Lake

Sanford Lake Dam Press Release

Here is the official Press Release from Boyce Hydro Power, LLC that was just issued.
Press Release Sanford Lake Draw-Down Aug 2010