Restore the Lakes

Sanford Lake Association Now a Partner in Restore the Lakes
A large part of the effort to get our lakes restored involves letting our elected officials know how important dam restoration is to the lake residents. With the recent introduction of bills in the Michigan legislature focused on dam restoration and safety, this is an opportune time for lake residents to communicate with the officials involved. The questions you may have are – How do I get started? Who do I write to? What do I say?

Sanford Lake Association wants to make it easy. is a website designed to help residents of the four lakes communicate with their elected officials (local, state, and federal) about their desire to have the lakes restored. The website was created in May by residents of Secord Lake with the backing of the Secord Lake Association.  Secord’s goal was to have the other lake associations join their efforts to expand the campaign and get residents of all four lakes to communicate with elected officials who can help with or influence the efforts to restore the lakes.

The Sanford Lake Association partnered with Secord in June to join the effort and support the Restore the Lakes website. Since then, discussions have been held with the Wixom and Smallwood Lake Associations about them also joining as partners. Four Lakes Task Force is supportive of the lake associations’ efforts to further develop and enhance the Restore the Lakes website and will have a consultative role going forward. The lake associations partnering to support the Restore the Lakes website will each have a representative on a steering team to make decisions related to the website and to marshal the expertise available in each lake association to help with the process.

The Restore the Lakes website contains a summary of issues that lake residents should communicate to their elected officials. It also has lists of various officials, along with their email and postal addresses. Template letters and information points are also included. These letters and information points will be updated periodically as pieces of legislation move through our legislative bodies or when various governmental agencies are dealing with issues involving our lakes.

The Sanford Lake Association encourages lake residents to regularly communicate with our elected officials regarding the restoration of our lakes and we are pleased to offer the tool of the Restore the Lakes website to make the task easier. To learn more, visit

Bill Gebo, SLA Director and Restore the Lakes Representative