Sanford Lake Weed Treatment

For all inquiries about weed control please contact your local administrators:

  • Jerome Township and the Village of Sanford is administered by the Sanford Lake Improvement Board and can be reached here. SLIB or call the Sanford Lake Hotline at (989) 837-7139

    Treatment details may be found here
  • Edenville Township is administered by the township and can be reached here.
    Edenville Township weed control

BreAnne Grabill. Environmental Scientist at PLM Lake & Land Management Corp. spoke at the 2016 SLA annual picnic. She wrote this newsletter for the upcoming Weed Treatment season.

Sanford Lake Newsletter Notice 2017

Note: Yard signs are only placed where treatments occur per the treating company.

2017 Treatment Maps or notifications:
Wednesday Aug. 23, 2017

Thursday Aug. 17, 2017

Wednesday July 19, 2017

Wednesday July 12, 2017 – POSTPONED from June 21, 2017

    Edenville notification

Wednesday May 24, 2017