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The Sanford Lake Preservation Association (SLPA) lot boundaries are configured based on the dam and lake system that align with requirements and agreements with FERC, Boyce Hydro, and Midland County to assure that regulatory and government requirements are met.

If a property owner is adjacent to SLPA property, the owner has unencumbered access to the lake.

Midland County did pass a resolution indicating that it would not interfere with the lake access abilities of land owners adjacent to the lake that touch these properties . The Midland County and SLPA agreement specifically states that SLPA cannot change boundaries or access abilities without Midland County approval.

What this all means is that the conditions in place give owners access to the shoreline if SLPA land exists between the shoreline and their property boundary.

We hope this fully explains this complicated issue, but SLPA would be happy to further discuss with individuals if there is a specific concern. Please contact the SLA via our website email: and we will put you in contact with the SLPA.

July 2016

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